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How Many People Can Join a Netflix Party

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Teleparty, formerly known as Netflix Party, is a popular browser extension that allows viewers to stream Netflix content simultaneously with friends and family from various locations. This guide will explain How to do Netflix Party using the Teleparty extension, detail the number of people who can join, and offer tips to ensure a smooth viewing experience. 

Understanding Teleparty Capacity

Besides, the capacity for a Netflix Watch Party typically caps at 50 participants. This number may fluctuate depending on server stability and the bandwidth of all participants, making the Netflix Party Chrome Extension ideal for both small and large virtual gatherings.

Steps to Host a Netflix Watch Party

1. Install the Netflix Party Extension:

To begin, install the Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) extension. This is compatible with Chrome, Edge, and Opera browsers. Visit the Teleparty website and follow the instructions to add the Netflix Party Chrome Extension to your browser.

2. Launch Netflix:

Once the Netflix Party Extension is installed, open Netflix and select the show or movie you wish to watch with your group.

3. Initiate Your Netflix Watch Party:

Click the Teleparty icon next to your browser’s address bar. Select "Start the party," which will make you the host of the Watch Party Netflix. Moreover, you can control the playback yourself or allow all participants to play and pause the video.

4. Invite Your Guests to the Watch Party Netflix:

Once you start the Watch Netflix Party, Teleparty will create a unique link. Share this link with your friends and family. Furthermore, they can simply click on it to join your Watch Party Netflix.

Tips for a Seamless Teleparty Experience

1. Ensure a Stable Internet Connection:

A robust internet connection is crucial for all participants to prevent buffering and other streaming interruptions during your Netflix Watch Party.

2. Coordinate Viewing Choices:

Decide what to watch ahead of time and check that it's available in all the regions of your participants to avoid any regional restrictions with the Netflix Party Extension.

3. Effective Use of Chat Feature:

The Teleparty chat feature is great for sharing reactions and discussing the movie or show. Be mindful to keep the chat enjoyable and not overwhelming, especially during key moments of the Watch Party Netflix. Get Chrome Extension


Teleparty is an excellent tool for conducting a Netflix Watch Party, offering the capacity to host up to 50 guests comfortably. Moreover, it bridges the distance by bringing friends and family together for a movie night, no matter where they are. Just set up the Netflix Party Chrome Extension, choose your movie, share the link, and enjoy a wonderful evening of shared entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions:- 

Q1. How many guests can join a Teleparty?

Up to 50 people can join a Teleparty. However, this number can vary slightly depending on technical factors such as server stability and internet speed.

Q2. How do I start a Watch Netflix Party?

Install the Netflix Party Extension from the Teleparty website on Chrome, Edge, or Opera. Open Netflix, choose a video, start it, then click the Teleparty icon to "Start the party" and generate an invitation link.

Q3. What should I consider for a smooth Watch Party experience?

Remember, all participants must have a stable internet connection, pre-select and verify the availability of the chosen content in all regions, and use the chat function considerately to keep the conversation engaging but not disruptive during your Netflix Watch Party.

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