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How to Change the Payment Method on Netflix - Simple Guide

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As a Netflix subscriber, you can change your payment method at any time by going to your account settings. Netflix has a limited number of payment methods, which can make it difficult to change your payment method. If you want to change your payment method, you can do so by following these steps below:

How to Change my Netflix Payment Method?

If you want to change your billing information you have to visit the netflix website , you must visit the Netflix website using a computer or mobile device on your chrome.

1. Log into your account at or in the app on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Click the Account tab and then click My Profile in the upper right corner of the screen.

3.  Click Change Payment Method (or Edit if you’ve already changed it).

4. After that you have done it you may select the manage payment info in the Membership and billing session. If you have a backup method available then you can choose it otherwise you can add other card or payment method.

5. Select a new payment method and enter an expiration date for it if you want to set an expiration date for your current gift/membership card or PayPal account, otherwise you can skip this step and just click Next Step when prompted by Netflix without entering an expiration date (this will automatically renew any remaining balance on that card or PayPal account)

6. Enter a new payment method if needed (and make sure you click Save Changes when done).

7. After you are done with updating your payment information you can return to the Manage Payment Info page, select Make preferred next to your new billing method.

How to Change Credit Card Information on Netflix?

Change your Netflix credit card information. To do this, go to the payment settings page and click on the "change payment method" link. Click through the prompts to change your billing information, then click "update now."

If you don't have a credit card registered with Netflix, you can still use your PayPal account or bank account to pay for the service. You'll need to enter your email address and select a billing address where you can receive payment. You'll also need to tell Netflix which email address you'd like associated with that account.

Is it possible to change my Automatic Payment on Netflix?

There are a few reasons why you can't change your payment method on Netflix.

1. You're not eligible to upgrade to a new plan. If you're on an older plan, you won't be able to upgrade until your current subscription has ended. You may also be unable to upgrade if you have recently signed up for a new Netflix account using one of our referral codes or if your billing information has changed.

2. You're subscribed to a different plan than the one you want to change to. For example, if you have an existing subscription and want to add a second streaming device, you'll need to contact customer service for help with this.

3. Your billing information hasn't been updated in our system yet. We don't automatically recognize when you change plans or cancel your account but it's important that we do so so that we can give you the best experience possible on Netflix!

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